Shelagh Kinch

Shelagh Kinch is a specialist in learning and development for journalists and media leaders. She co-led the successful ‘mobile first’ change project for CBC News, after being the managing director for CBC English services in the province of Quebec, responsible for all aspects of local digital, radio, and television, as well as local strategy and public engagement.

As director of training for CBC English services, she pioneered distributed learning and skills training online. Earlier, as an in-house consultant, she facilitated several change initiatives for the public broadcaster, including CBC’s revision of its Journalistic Standards and Practices and an e-learning course that was compulsory for all CBC journalists.

She began as a reporter and rose to become Managing Editor at CBC Montreal, responsible for all journalism by the public broadcaster in Quebec. Later she was instrumental in integrating news gathering for television, radio, and digital. 

Shelagh is skilled in digital transformation, instructional design, leadership development, facilitation, and helping people discover new possibilities.