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Welcome, Alan!

Please join us in welcoming our new colleague, Alan Sunderland.

Alan is the former Editorial Director of the ABC, Australia’s largest public broadcaster, where he had overall responsibility for developing and maintaining appropriate editorial standards across the organizations entire output of programming on radio, television, online and mobile. He created and delivered ethical training to journalists and oversaw the investigation and management of public complaints about the broadcaster.

He is a journalist, author and editorial consultant with more than forty years’ experience in public interest journalism. He also is the author of seven works of children’s fiction.

Alan deepens our capacity to apply ethics as the new strategy for organizations in next decade. He has considered hundreds of real-world ethical challengers and, from his base in Sydney, he will add global context as businesses, customers, and audiences continue to become more international.

We’re thrilled to have him aboard.

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Our new companion site,, tracks advances in artificial intelligence and how they apply to the practice of journalism. We want journalists everywhere to have a head start on the next disruption.

We offer an independent look at the capabilities, limitations, and influences of AI as they apply to journalism — part what to look for, part ‘look at this.’ We follow the whole conversation, daily, from news reports around the world, commentary in leading periodicals, recommendations in reports, ideas from industry panels, talks, books, or academic articles, through to findings in research labs that may influence events ahead.

We track developments in four areasAI in the newsroom, AI advances, ethics, and impacts on journalistic trust. The site is international in scope and updated often. There is a primer on AI fundamentals and a blog.

See We also offer briefings in artificial intelligence and news practices.

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Our new colleague

Esther Enkin is known across Canada for her work as CBC’s Ombudsman from 2012 to 2018.

Around the world, she is more likely known simply as Esther. She is the past president of the Organization of News Ombudsmen and Standards Editors, an international non-profit organization with members on every continent except Antarctica. The ONO brings together news ombudsmen, reader’s representatives, and standards editors from many of the world’s leading news organizations and acts as a forum to protect and enhance quality journalism.

While the CBC Ombudsman, she formally reviewed nearly 400 audience enquiries, and for each provided written findings based on journalistic ethics. She also was a guest lecturer at journalism schools about ethics, accountability, trust, and the impact of social media on journalism and journalistic ethics. Before becoming Ombudsman, Esther led a comprehensive update of CBC’s Journalistic Standards and Practices code, including new provisions for digital publishing and social media.

Through her involvement with the Canadian Journalism Forum on Violence and Trauma, she was one of the creators of Mind-Set, a guide to mental health reporting for journalists. The Guide is used in many newsroom and is a resource in schools of journalism across Canada. On top of her work responsibilities, Esther is a volunteer leader in community organizations.

We’re thrilled she is becoming our colleague.

Ethics is the new strategy. Esther’s extensive background in practical applications of ethics is a natural fit with our experience-based approach to continuous change, learning, and strategy support. Over the weeks ahead we’ll describe new offers about applying ethics in organizations.   

For now, a brief pause as we salute Esther and welcome her aboard.