Esther Enkin

Esther Enkin is a specialist on journalism ethics. She is the former English Services Ombudsman for CBC/Radio-Canada, Canada’s largest public broadcaster, and immediate past president of the worldwide Organization of News Ombudsmen and Standards Editors (ONO).

As the CBC ombudsman, she undertook nearly 400 reviews of editorial practices in response to audience enquiries, with written findings that considered the journalistic ethics in each instance. Previously, Esther was Executive Editor for CBC News, with responsibility for news standards and their interpretation. She led a comprehensive updating of CBC’s Journalistic Standards and Practices code, including new provisions for digital publishing and social media.

Esther’s work in news management came after nearly 30 years as a working journalist, including producer roles on two CBC flagship series, The Journal and The World at Six. Her documentary work for The Journal won international awards.

Esther has a Bachelor of Journalism degree, is a regular guest lecturer in journalism schools, and is active in community organizations.