Andrew Cochran

Andrew Cochran is a specialist in digital transformation and the impact of artificial intelligence in journalism. 

He is an instructor in the Faculty of Computer Science at Dalhousie University. He also edits, an online resource about the effects on journalism of advances in AI.

Earlier he was head of news strategy for CBC, Canada’s public broadcaster. He designed and implemented the transformation to ‘mobile first’ for local services and managed the development of CBC’s first and third digital stations. Immediately before he was CBC regional director for Atlantic Canada

Previously, he was a rights-owning independent producer, supplying documentaries and scripted series to networks in several countries. Among them he created the children’s character, Theodore Tugboat, produced a multi-part documentary for PBS and Discovery on the founders of the internet, and was an early originator of digital media for CBC, CTV, PBS, and others.

His university teaching includes courses in law (Entertainment Law, Information Technology Transactions), journalism (Business Fundamentals for Journalists, Emerging Business Models), and business (Export Marketing). He began working as a reporter in Halifax, then produced news programs at CTV in Toronto. His research master’s degree is in electronic commerce. Among his awards are EY Entrepreneur of the Year (communications) and an honorary DCL (King’s).