Adaptive strategy for senior directors

Whenever people are in the mix, the way ahead keeps changing all the time.

Leading sensitive or significant change is the focus of these learning session designed specifically for senior directors.

Our work concentrates on adaptive strategy, preparing you to lead with intention no matter the events that emerge. Topics include:

  • Creating a vision that becomes apparent to everyone
  • Mapping the external terrain as well as internal circumstances
  • Checking for change readiness
  • Differentiating between technical and adaptive issues and acting accordingly
  • Creating conditions that will speed adoption and prevent backslides
  • Re-calibrating a plan as you move forward
  • Communicating in a way that connects
  • Achieving outcomes that will last over time


Topics are weighted and adapted to suit individual objectives and situations. Participants receive a foundation in adaptive strategy concepts with just-in-time practicality. Combining principles and practice reinforces learning and strengthens the projects at hand.


  • Group sessions are at your location, or offsite close-by, over 2 days
  • Option for one-on-one sessions by video call or phone – 60-90 minutes per session over 8-12 weeks
  • We work internationally