Overcoming resistance to change

Change projects too often end up like a new year’s resolution.

A few months after a big launch, momentum fizzles and backsliding begins. Eventually, familiar ways regain their hold. The majority of change projects end up this way.

Change that lasts over time requires more than an action plan, resolve and ‘quick wins.’ The best of intentions are overpowered by deep-seated beliefs that keep telling us to turn-back.

Scientific evidence shows they reside naturally in almost all of us. They create an immunity to change, a human phenomenon discovered by psychologists Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey, both Harvard professors. Their methods are used around the world and are the core of these workshops.


  • Workshop arrangements and facilitation
  • Participants identify factors that may be conflicting with change sustaining over time
  • Participants leave with a personal plan for change readiness
  • Delivery to groups up to 30, leadership teams, or individuals

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