Needs assessment

The experts in an organization walk in the door every day.

A needs assessment quickly identifies course corrections that would make a difference. It also surfaces high-value practices that are important to preserve in the midst of change.

We check-in through a series of conversations, either one-on-one or in groups. We help people think beyond immediate situations and keep their comments unattributed. The observations and ideas gained are highly relevant because they are grounded in everyday practice.

Where there’s a gap between the current state and an ideal state, we identify what’s needed to make things better. Often small things can make a big difference. Big ideas emerge, too. Either way, the results add from-the-floor validity to a plan that’s in development or speed-up an implementation that’s underway.


  • Conduct interviews with staff members, and if desired, external stakeholders
  • Facilitate one or more group sessions (if required)
  • Provide written findings with recommendations 
  • Present report to commissioning manager(s)


  • Typically completed within 2-4 weeks
  • Varies by the numbers of people involved and their availability

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